Education: spatial literacy, outdoor & nature, health & wellness

For kids growing up in their world, it’s important for them to explore the world by playing and learning. Outdoor educational experiences are important for kids to come in contact with nature. Therefore, we’ve developed solutions for your outdoor classroom.

Use Metrunner in your school

Metrunner is a mobile orienteering app that can be used for your outdoor lesson, where kids find checkpoints and optionally answer quiz questions.

Setting up Metrunner is easy—just mark the checkpoints in the editor. You can set up a quiz as well—contact us to learn more.

Combine with OLTags to make a full school orienteering experience!

Quiz in Metrunner is educational for your students
Outdoor educational quizzes in Metrunner make your students learn better and faster.


Katti is an up-and-coming outdoor gaming platform that will enable many educational games to be provided to your students.

With fun games and quizzes, you can set up various educational content to make your students learn faster and better.

Outdoor events

With Metviworld, you can have your school event tailor-made and lots of fun created by our team. Metviworld partners with companies, schools and organisations to create memorable experiences for internal and public participants.

Contact us to learn more

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