Sports: connecting us, connecting places, connecting stories

Nothing connects us better than the universal pursuit known as sports.

From time immemorial, humans have learnt to adapt, fight and survive. Later, as humans developed civilisations, nations fought against each other as they vie for political and economic gains. Now, as the exponential development of technology brings abundance of resources for humans, peace has prevailed and we’ve largely replaced the fighting instinct with something more universal. We call it sports, and nothing connects us stronger than it.

A friendly fight.

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Sports is a powerful way to discover new places and to connect with other people. Orienteering, in particular, is a sport that connects us with places, at the same time engaging our bodies in the quest for discovery.

With Metrunner, you can discover the world with orienteering events as you travel. Keep track of how many events you’ve joined and people you’ve met.

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