Metrunner 2.0

Major pivot! Metrunner 2.0: Co-create virtual urban experiences

We’re announcing a major pivot! The second incarnation of Metrunner will focus on enabling co-creation of virtual urban experiences by everyone. Everyone will be able to draw and build virtual experiences in cities, without specialized training.

What’s the new Metrunner for?

The new Metrunner opens up a number of opportunities for co-creation of virtual experiences, which people can easily use without specialized training.

Companies and organizations can create thematic tours with VR and AR artwork, leading visitors to explore and interact with these experiences in the city. Staff members with or without design experience can take part in the co-creation process together as a team, to provide diverse and interdisciplinary insights.

Municipalities can create co-creation events to invite citizens to build their urban vision together, without the complex language of architecture and urban planning. Cities can also create virtual experiences for tourism and placemaking purposes.

Why are we doing this?

The first incarnation of Metrunner was focused on orienteering and its applications to urban tourism. However, over time we realized that orienteering, as a tourism concept, was too limited as a market.

During COVID-19, we experimented with different ways of delivering the orienteering and geolocation experience, including extended realities such as AR and VR. In the process, we realized that the extended realities concept can be applied to areas such as urban planning and placemaking. Existing tools for these are often made by architects or urban planners, and they are often too complicated for the layperson to use. We see an opportunity to simplify co-creation for everyone, so that everyone can build urban experiences together.

This is why we decided to make this major pivot from orienteering to urban co-creation, which would make a greater impact towards sustainable cities.

What can I expect in Metrunner 2.0?

In Metrunner 2.0, you’ll be able to create virtual urban experiences with your colleagues together at the same time, with live changes appearing on the screen, like in Google Docs.

You can either draw directly on the screen, upload pictures, or choose from pre-defined objects such as trees and benches to build your experience. No knowledge of 3D model creation is needed; we keep it as simple as possible.

You can draw groups of objects in multiple locations, which show as map checkpoints for people to come and explore.

After creating the experience, you can share it via a shortlink, or via an on-site QR code, NFT tag, or beacon.

When will Metrunner 2.0 be ready?

Metrunner 2.0 is still in idea stage and undergoing concept development. A workable prototype will be ready by Fall 2022 for small scale test events in Europe, and we expect full launch by Spring 2023.

We’re in the process of forming a new team; stay tuned to our recruitment page on The Hub for openings!